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Hello friends! Happy ORC Thursday! We’ve made it through the first couple of weeks and we have progress.

Last week, I shared my design concept for the room. Today I am sharing some of the design details that I have either chosen to purchase or that I have already purchased. —After all, details are everything, right?

Let’s start with the fun stuff first!

Sofa: Our new sofa has arrived!! And I am in love with it in-person even more than seeing it online. Besides loving the tufting detail, this sofa has really deep cushions and it is so long. My family often likes to stretch out on the sofa, so I made sure we didn’t purchase anything shorter than an 83 inch long sofa. Interested in learning what else you should consider when buying a sofa? Check out my post entitled “How to Choose the Right Sofa” to learn more important tips.


Side Chairs: At first I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go with the matching gray chairs (see below) that go with the sofa or similar chairs that match but, are navy blue. I ultimately decided to go with the navy blue chairs because there’s just something timeless about the color blue. Plus I knew our kids would get a kick out of having swivel chairs in our living room.


Accent Furniture:

  • Ottoman for the foyer: So if you remember from the BEFORE pictures, there were lots of shoes on the floor of the foyer. A quick easy solution to clear the clutter was to purchase a shoe ottoman that would double as seating and provide storage for our shoes. Amazon has a really affordable storage ottoman with 12 separate shoe compartments. I love the classic button top design because it goes nicely with the major furniture pieces that have tufting.


  • Side tables for the living room: Since I plan on keeping my round glass top coffee table from IKEA, I wanted side tables that would compliment my current coffee table. I also wanted tables that would provide a sleek yet versatile option for tables so I opted for nesting tables.

Ceiling light: Amazon has this lovely brass semi flush mount ceiling light that I plan on purchasing because it will go nicely with the other gold tones in the space.


TV Stand: I made the hard decision to purchase a new TV stand for our living room. Even though we plan on mounting the TV on the wall we desperately needed a TV stand that had ample storage. One of my favorite stores All Modern has a lovely and affordable stand for our living room. The color will match nicely with the bookcases that are white which are also staying in the space.


Rug: Last but not least the chosen rug. When I first saw this rug on Rugs USA I immediately fell in love with the geometric pattern. When it finally arrived, I was even more impressed by the hand and quality of the rug. I do have to share a quick story with receiving this rug. Long story short, my package was completely lost. So you know where my mind goes when a package is missing? I obsessively check and double check the tracking history which of course showed that it had been delivered and so it prompted me to take a survey about my experience and I am thinking really?! In the end, customer service reps at Rugs USA (gosh I love them!) simply apologized for the mix up, immediately called the courier service and put in another order for a new rug to be delivered!


So that my friends is my progress thus far! Here is what my To Do list looks like now:

·     Address the storage issue in both spaces.

·         Add drapery to the windows. Our covered porch creates a shadow in this space so the drapery will have

to be something light and airy.

·         Add extra seating for guests. Right now, the room comfortably seats about 4 adults in the space.

·         Bring plants into the space.

·         Pick out new decor for the room.

·         De-clutter the bookshelves, TV stand and all surfaces. Restyle them all with simple decor.

·         Add task lighting.

·         Add personality with DIY art and wall decor. The walls have been bare since we’ve moved in 4 years ago.

·         Mount the TV on the wall.

·         Update the fireplace and mantel. Still deciding on painting the brick or tiling the fireplace? Decisions, decisions.

·         Replace all switches and outlets.

·         Cozy up the space with new throw pillows and blankets.

·         DIY makeover the entry table with paint.

·         Add interest to the foyer with art and decor.


Make sure to check out the updates from the other ORC  guest participants as well as the featured designers. Cheer them on and check back next week!

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