Let the adventure begin!

So if you missed my announcement on Instagram, I’ve taken a leap of faith and signed up to be a guest participant in the 2019 April One Room Challenge! If you are not familiar with the #oneroomchallenge it’s a bi-annual online event that challenges bloggers to transform a room from start to finish, over the course of six weeks. This online event is hosted by founder of the One Room Challenge  Linda Weinstein and media partner, Better Homes & Gardens. Each week One Room Challenge shares twenty featured designers on Wednesday and guest participants (like me) will link up on Thursdays.

And today my friends, is the first day of the challenge! The room that I have chosen to transform is my living room!! Here are some (dreaded lol) before shots of the space:


This space is meant to be our semi-formal living space and over time has become more of our main hang out area in the house. As you’ve probably guessed it, I will start with addressing our clutter issue and the mountain of stuffed animals that in the space.


On the opposite side of the room is our TV and #tbt Ikea TV stand that I’ve had since before I was married.


The last wall that I will address in this space is (rather embarrassing lol) the…… “Dun dun duuuuun” rustic fireplace, that is original to the house. Which reminds me, the over-sized mantel is probably the reason why up until now the mountain of stuffed animals has been acceptable in my eyes; because it creates a distraction from what’s supposed to be a feature wall! Hi Elmo!!


Last but not least, I decided to incorporate making over the foyer area as well since it is located right by our living room.


So because I love lists, I thought I’d start with a list of all the large and

small details that are on my to-do and my husbands “Honey-Do” list:

  • Buy a new couch.

  • Address the storage issue in both spaces.

  • Switch out the current rug with a lighter spring like rug.

  • Buy new accent furniture.

  • Add drapery to the windows. Our covered porch creates a shadow in this space so the drapery will have

    to be something light and airy.

  • Buy side tables.

  • Add extra seating for guests. Right now, the room comfortably seats about 4 adults in the space.

  • Bring plants into the space.

  • Pick out new decor for the room.

  • Create a cohesive color scheme for the living room and foyer.

  • De-clutter the bookshelves, TV stand and all surfaces. Restyle them all with simple decor.

  • Add task lighting.

  • Add personality with DIY art and wall decor. The walls have been bare since we’ve moved in 4 years ago.

  • Mount the TV on the wall.

  • Update the fireplace and mantel. Still deciding on painting the brick or tiling the fireplace? Decisions, decisions.

  • Replace all switches and outlets.

  • Cozy up the space with new throw pillows and blankets.

  • Install new ceiling light fixture.

  • DIY makeover the entry table with paint.

  • Add interest to the foyer with art and decor.


Fingers crossed that this to-do list doesn’t send me completely off my rocker!

So remember, every Wednesday be sure to follow all the lovely

featured designers progress over the next six weeks! (See below)

And also check back every Thursday for a sneak peek on my space and all the other

guest participants during the One Room Challenge.

Many thanks to Linda Weinstein and media partner, Better Homes & Gardens for this

lovely design challenge. Send lots of luck and prayers my way!

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